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Web Output Pak

Generating Personalized Documents

to Meet Customer Expectations

Today’s enterprises are discovering that documents can do much more than just communicate
and inform. Compelling, high-quality documents—from printed 1-page invoices to Web-delivered
100-page user manuals—can actually drive business and generate revenue. Targeted marketing
programs rely on brochures and other documentation created for highly specic audiences, and
other customized documents can help build customer satisfaction and loyalty. e key to producing
documents that drive business is a document-generation solution that takes content from multiple
sources, dynamically generates documents, and then delivers documents over any device.
Leveraging the strengths of eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Adobe document-generation
solutions work together with core enterprise applications to create eective documents that can
be delivered in several formats, including Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), print, fax, e-mail,
and the Web. Enterprises that choose Adobe solutions for document generation can get materials
to market faster because they do not have to print and physically deliver them, thereby lowering
their costs, and improving their competitive advantage.
Adobe Web Output Pak soware oers document-generation capabilities that enable organizations
to provide customers with access to up-to-the-minute information via the Web. e documents
are dynamically generated and delivered in Adobe PDF or HTML, providing end users with
access to documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Adobe Web Output Pak
With Adobe Web Output Pak, providing better customer service and reducing costs are no longer
conicting concepts. Static hardcopy bills, statements, and business-to-business communications
can be transformed into interactive Web applications for a fraction of the printing and mailing
costs typically associated with business documents.
Web Output Pak elevates document generation to the next level by providing both the tools
necessary to create personalized documents and the run-time components required to generate
the documents in a Web environment. Upon request, Web Output Pak combines data with a
template, generates a complex, dynamic document, and sends it to Web browsers at any time.
e document is delivered properly formatted, enabling the end user to easily view or print it in
HTML or as an Adobe PDF le within a Web browser. In addition, document content can be
personalized based on the data collected from users. For example, you can include a customized
marketing message for users in specic regions or locales.
Enhancing a Wide Variety of Applications
To rise above the global competition, organizations must deliver unmatched levels of service.
Web Output Pak can help you enhance business-critical applications—giving you a competitive


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