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Getting Started

Charging Your Headset

To use your SolarVoice
908 Bluetooth headset (“headset”), please follow the steps below:
1. Ensure your headset is fully charged.
2. Pair your charged headset with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.
The headset comes with a built-in rechargeable
battery. Prior to using the headset for the first
time, it is recommended to fully charge the
Insert the charger’s plug into the headset’s USB
charging socket and plug the main charger to an
AC wall outlet or plug to the PC/notebook.
Use only the supplied charger / USB charging cable to charge the headset.

Indicator Light

Headset Status Status Indicator

• Standby
• Charging (OFF MODE)
• Fully charged (OFF MODE)
• Low battery
• Out of battery
• Charging (STANDBY MODE)*
• Fully charged (STANDBY MODE)*
• Out of Range
• Flash blue
• Solid red
• Solid blue
• Flash red with short beep every minute
• The light turns off
• Double flash red
• Double flash blue
• Solid purple for 5 sec with 3 short beeps
Status Indicator

Headset Status Charging Indicator

• Solar Charging under Sunlight • Flash green
Solar Charging Indicator

Indicator Light (cont’d)

*Warning: Do not use the headset while it is connected to the charger
7 8
Charging indication will be delayed for a few seconds if the headset has not been used for a
long time or the battery is drained.
3 hours are required to fully charge the headset using charger / USB charging cable.
The headset remains in standby mode after being turned on.

Pairing Your Headset with a Bluetooth Mobile Phone

1) Ensure the headset is off.
2) To activate the pairing mode, press and hold the headset’s MFB for 8 seconds without releasing your
finger until its status indicator flashes blue and red alternately.
3) Activate your mobile phone’s Bluetooth, search Bluetooth devices, select “SolarVoice 908” and enter
the passcode “0000”. When the pairing is completed, the headset’s status indicator will flash blue
rapidly 5 times and you can hear a long beep.
If the pairing cannot be completed within 3 minutes after the pairing mode has been activated, the
headset’s status indicator will flash purple rapidly 5 times and then turns off. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to pair
both devices again.

Solar Charging under Sunlight

The SolarVoice
908 can provide infinity standby time under the optimum sunlight. When the
908 is charging by sunlight, the charging indicator will flash green. A Cradle for desktop &
car-use is included in the package.
* Car Installation – Make sure the cradle for desktop & car-use is not in the operating area of any side
impact airbags or any of the other safety or operating equipment in your car. In addition, check that
the cradle is fastened and does not interfere with you being able to operate the vehicle.


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Itech Solar Voice 908 especificaciones

A continuación encontrará las especificaciones del producto y las especificaciones del manual del Itech Solar Voice 908.

Marca Itech
Modelo Solar Voice 908 | C51-B908-0104081
Producto Auricular
EAN 4895146007633
Idioma Inglés
Tipo de archivo Manual de usuario (PDF)
Peso y dimensiones
Peso 13.1
Profundidad 54.5
Altura 11.3
Ancho 17
Tiempo de conversación 5 h
Tiempo de reposo 140 h
Indicadores LED
Control de volumen Digital
Tipo de producto Auriculares
Color del producto Negro
Tipo de auricular Monoaural
Otras características
Compatibilidad Teléfono
Rango de frecuencia 2.4 GHz
Características del proveedor
Tiempo de carga 180
Puertos e interfaces
Versión de Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Tecnología de conectividad Inalámbrica
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