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There is a small hole on the side of the
base of the Head that can be used to
apply greater leverage for installing or
removing the Head from your tripod.
The hole is designed to accommodate
a 5/32 hex key (commonly used by our
customers to attach quick-release plates
to lenses & cameras). Note: The hex key
is only used as a leverage arm, it does not engage a fastener
inside the leverage hole (the hole is not threaded). If you do
not have an appropriate sized hex key, any strong metal rod
that will fit into the hole can be used (e.g. a small screwdriver).
Prerequisite: In order to attach your lens to the Sevenoak
Gimbal Head, it must be fitted with an Arca-Swiss style quick
-release plate or foot (see details below).
In order to attach your lens to the Sevenoak Gimbal Head, it must
be fitted with an Arca-Swiss style quick-releaseplate or foot (sold
separately). We oer a line of such plates. For more information
see our catalog or website: on “Lens
We strongly recommend using Sevenoak plates because we
carefully match your lens with the appropriate size plate that
Position the Head’s platform at its
lowest position and level to the
ground. Tighten the Head’s tilt knob.
Mount your lens (with camera body
attached). Stand behind the
lens/camera setup and grab the
camera body as if you are going
to take a picture.
Step 1: Tighten the tilt knob of the
swing arm-make sure that the Head’s
platform is level so that the Head is
stable while you are loading your lens.
Step 2: Open the jaws of the quick-
release clamp wide enough so that the
jaws clear the entire width of the QR
plate attached to the foot of your lens.
Step 3: While supporting your lens,insert
the quick-release plate on your lens into
the jaws of the clamp and tighten the
clamp securely.Make sure the quick-release
plate is seated properly and captive in the
clamp jaws before letting go of the lens.

Using the Leverage Hole:

Attching Your Lens To The Sevenoak Gimbal Head:

Prerequisite: Arca-Swiss Style Lens Plate :

Balancing Your Lens On The Sevenoak Gimbal Head:

STEP 1: Preparing to Balance:
Loosen the tilt knob of the Sevenoak Gimbal Head SLOWLY-stand
ready to catch the lens or camera body should one end or the
other rapidly tilt down! Adjust the horizontal position of the lens
forward or backwards depending on how the lens tips (see fig-
ures below). SAFETY NOTE: Retighten the clamp after each
adjustment, no matter how small! Use the two safety stop screws
provided with your Wimberley lens plate or replacement foot to
prevent the lens/camera combo from sliding out of the clamp
when loosened.
If the front of the lens tilts downward
you will need to sild the lens backward
in the clamp toward you.
If the front of the lens tilts upward,
you willneed to slide lens forward
away from you.
STEP 2: Balance the Horizontal Position of the Lens:
Use caution when adjusting
the center screw (see page 7).
Dimensions: (h,w,d): 23.5*8.9*24.7cm
Weight: 1.4 kg
It is important to read these instructions.
Setting up this Head is not dicult, but reading these instructions
will allow you to get the most out of the product.

Instructions: Sevenoak Gimbal Head SK-GH01

Mounting SK-GH01to a tripod:

Setting up the Sevenoak Gimbal Head
Assembling the Sevenoak Gimbal Head is a simple matter
of attaching the Head’s platform (detached to make it
more compact for shipping) to the swinging arm of the
Head. Do not tighten the platform knob unless it is mounted
on the Head.
Step 1: Align the platform jaws
properly with the dovetail grooves
in the swing arm. Slide the platform
onto the swing arm of the Head.
Slide the platform all the way
down until it hits the “stop” at the
Step 2: Tighten the platform knob
firmly. (The platform should lock
securely to the arm without the
need to apply extreme torque).
The platform height will be adjusted
later if needed.
Step 1: Firmly tighten the lower (pan) knob.
Step 2: Position the Head with
the spool mounting hole (located
under the spool) directly over the
threaded tripod mounting stud.
It is important to keep the Head
completely straight (vertical) over
the stud to keep the spool threads
from cross - threading.
Step 3: Screw the Head clockwise
onto the stud of your tripod until
it seats the bottom spool of the
Head and the tripod mounting
plate. Use the leverage hole to
achieve a tighter attachment if
desired (see below).Loosen the
pan knob slightly and rotate the
Head to check the security of
the mount. The spool should not
loosen when you turn the Head
counterclockwise, and the Head
should not wobble at all.

Assembling The Sevenoak Gimbal Head:

Tit Knob
Platform Knob
Pan Knob
Quick-Release Knob
Never loosen or remove the 3 small
screws on the top of the pan base.
If your tripod has a smaller ¼” mounting stud , check to see
if it is a reversible stud with a 3/8”-16 threaded section on the
other end. If so, reverse the stud and use the 3/8” end of the
stud. If the ¼” stud is not reversible, you will need to use a
reducer bushing to mount the Head to the tripod. Robust
brass bushings can be ordered through our website.


Gimbal Head

will allow you to properly balance your lens on our gimbal head.
Our plates are also all equipped with safety stops which protect
your gear from accidentally slipping out of a compatible quick-
release clamp.If you use plates from other manufacturers you
will need to make sure that they are the proper length and pro-
portion that we recommend for your lens.Compare the plate
length and profile to the recommended plate for your lens in our
product catalog or on our web site.
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2017 Sevenoak Inc.Visit us on the web at

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